Las Vegas wants the Raiders and as many as 9 sites have been discussed as possible options. With the recent sale of the UFC the Fertitta brothers are flush with cash and would be interested in ownership of the team. The NFL has never really considered Las Vegas because of the gambling and betting tie in potential but the past concerns seem to be fading. It would certainly require a vote by the other owners but so far there has not been a lot of objections.

With a 65,000 seat stadium and 8 home games it would bring in an additional 520,000 people to Las Vegas which would have a positive financial impact on revenue and jobs for the city as well as construction for the development of the property and stadium. It would also signal that Las Vegas is taking the next step as a city and ready to bring a NBA team as well. The stadium could also be used for other events and give great options for event promoters and have a bigger draw for the city.

Much like other cities around the country when a new football stadium is built, real estate prices go up in value around the area. To see what current prices are for the las vegas market go to Expect to see a lot of continued news coverage on the Raiders to Las Vegas over the next year.