Enjoy Fresh Goods in Summerlin HomesThe Summerlin Farmer’s Market makes shopping fresh easy for residents living in Summerlin homes. Each Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. underneath the pavilion in downtown Summerlin, stalls of organic produce and gourmet food are set to impress. Shoppers coming from Summerlin properties love to find juicy fruits such as strawberries, peaches, apples and others. There will surely be a large selection of fresh vegetables to select from as well. Individual booths may include various herbs and spices, gourmet olive oils, nuts and more. Hand made crafts and trinkets are sure to be displayed for purchase in a corner or two. Take the opportunity to plan for the upcoming week, make a grocery list, grab some re-usable shopping bags and head downtown. Coming straight from local sources, purchasing from the Summerlin Farmer’s Market is a wonderful way to support both the local economy and community.

There’s more than produce at the market. A variety of special events are planned and include live music venues and food tastings. Cooking demonstrations and classes will also be on the calendar, showing how to bring food from the farm right to the table of Summerlin homes. Join in the neighborhood camaraderie and make the Summerlin Farmer’s Market a weekly trip. Better yet, bring the kids and make it a family event.